Naturally without Compromise Sante Naturkosmetik

Sante is genuine cosmetic without compromise with lots or drive, love and almost 40 years of experience. We meet the highest standard to a young and simple natural cosmetic and stand for sustainable quality products with natural ingredients derived from organic farming

The Power of Nature in Organic Quality

We trust the gentle and effective power of nature, and don’t use any paraffins, parabens or silicones. We also avoid synthetic preservatives, perfumes and dyes where possible. You won’t find microplastics or ingredients containing mineral oils in our products. Instead, we use natural ingredients often from controlled biological cultivation or wild foraging. Many extracts are produced by us at ‘auf der Kräuterwiese’ in Lower Saxony. So there’s a piece of nature in each and every SANTE product.

For the Environment

We take responsibility for our planet. We don’t just place great importance on carefully selecting raw ingredients and the ecological compatibility of our products, but also eco-friendly and resource-friendly production processes. We also use environmentally-friendly packaging.

Fair Responsibility

We believe we have a responsibility to be fair, so we support social projects locally to show our dedication. We have good relationships with our customers and suppliers and are an organically grown company with family-friendly working conditions, including an organic canteen

Of Course without Animal Testing

Humanity, to us, cannot coexist with animal testing. Animal welfare is a matter close to our hearts. It goes without saying that SANTE does not carry out any animal testing during production or development and does not test raw ingredients or final products on animals. In accordance with the EU Cosmetics Act 1223/2009, the testing of cosmetics on animals is forbidden in the EU.

Naturally Certified

For many years, SANTE has been committed to several important certifications and labels that ensure and acknowledge the responsible and conscious treatment of humans, animals and nature. Almost all products carry the internationally recognised NATRUE seal, which helps consumers easily find “real natural cosmetics”. By using the NATRUE seal, we are saying a conscious NO to harmful ingredients and YES to more transparency!

Vegan Beauty Products

Our products are vegan wherever possible. This also means that no animal products are used at any point during the production process. Our vegan products are labelled as such. You can easily use our ‘vegan products’ filter in any category on our website.






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