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No3 Underbalm Deodorant

Still the most popular No3 product, and growing! Underbalm is a natural deodorant with no harsh chemicals and no aluminium.

Made with organic ingredients, this product works. It's for people who want a natural product on their underarms. And we now have Underbalm Magic! For super sensitive skin.

Underbalm is a paste, no need for an old-fashioned applicator. It comes in a convenient, recyclable glass pot. Apply a small amount a day or as needed. Each jar lasts about 3 months.

Underbalm is an odour neutraliser - it stops smells, wont just mask them. It doesn't leave residue, is not greasy or sticky and absorbs straight away. If you can still feel it after applying, you've put too much on.

The texture varies at temperature extremes. Occasionally, mix with Underbalm stick to soften it up. As with any cosmetics, don't leave it in the sun or direct heat. If you melt it, put into fridge for two hours, stiring after one hour.






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