Kokonati Coconut

Boost your health and kick-start your metabolism while enjoying the fantastic taste of the finest range of quality coconut products.

Kokonati organic creamed coconut is cold-pressed & certified organic. Also known as Coconut Butter, it is actually crushed coconut meat in its own oils

Pure ceylon organic virgin coconut oil. Enjoy beautiful soft youthful skin. Handmade using certified organic and natural ingredients.

Coconut Aminos sauce is produced from the sap of coconut tree blossoms and is intended as a replacement for soy based sauces.

Coconut Aminos is made from naturally aged coconut sap (vinegar) with a dash of coconut nectar and a sprinkling of sea salt – truly delicious.

  • So many uses and benefits of our coconut oil!
  • Did you know that there is absolutely Zero waste in the production of our organic virgin coconut oil?
  • Ever wanted to know how we get the oil from coconuts?
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