Beagle's Bees 100% Honey - Spun straight from hive to jar!

Beagle tends to his hives using the utmost biodynamic organic standards created by a well known philosopher, Rudolf Steiner.   Some of these practices include:

  • minimal hive movement, as this disorientates the honeybees
  • minimal harvesting, as over-harvesting puts the bees in a panic to replace their honey stores for the winter hibernation

Honey is the only food item that is created with the sole purpose of being stored. Since bees need to eat during the winter, and plants aren’t flowering, their evolutionary goal was to create a food source that wouldn’t spoil after a few months. They needed something non-perishable (at least for a year or so) and nutritious — they needed honey.

During its production, the bees slightly overcompensate, creating a food that has the potential to last for hundreds of years or more. No other food source is created this way.