e-cloth's high quality fibres break up & hold dirt, grease & bacteria

Chemical-free cleaning with e-cloth is a major change from ingrained cleaning habits; an important change:

  • Making homes healthier, by eliminating toxic chemicals.
  • Reducing the environmental damage done by chemical usage and chemical waste.

Using e-cloth enables you to clean better, faster and with less effort.  e-cloths have 480,000 fibres per cm2 and it is this that gives them their exceptional cleaning power. The cloths are made from specially treated polyester and nylon, so they don’t ‘absorb’ anything. As you draw the cloth across a surface, water, dirt, oil, grease, grime and even bacteria are trapped within the fibres – and are easily released just with a rinse.

“Why Take the Risk?”

We shut liquid cleaning products in cupboards, out of reach of children, because we recognise them as a potential danger. But we often don’t consider what the residues left on surfaces are doing to us and our children. Nor do we consider the risks when we are actually doing the cleaning.

Fragrances are often added to cleaning products and they are not always what they appear to be. e-cloths use just water to clean grease, dirt and bacteria. They are not impregnated with chemicals. Being able to clean without chemicals, naturally reduces the risk from using chemicals in the home.

Many dusters are not effective enough at gathering in dust and allergens. The fibre construction and natural positive charge in e-cloth dusters make them extremely effective.

Allergy UK have awarded e-cloth their Consumer Award

e-cloth works with:

  • Asthma UK, the leading charity for help and advice for asthma sufferers. Anne Breary, Senior Corporate Development Officer at Asthma UK, said: We are excited to be working with e-cloth whose products have won many consumer awards.
  • AllerGuard UK who, together with e-cloth, help prevent and ease allergies or asthma. AllerGuard allergen-proof bedding is designed for people with asthma and eczema.