Medicinal Mushrooms

About SuperFeast

We really love tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. We take them every day. We think they’re awesome. We fell in love with them, they transformed us and we decided we needed to share them with the world. 

We only want to work with the best herbs. The herbs that are potent, rooted in history and lore, grown with their feet in the soil and the sun on their faces. We want our mushrooms to experience their potential as the connectors and unifiers of the forest before we ingest them, so we can take on those qualities too. You are what you eat.

We want our herbs to push up through rocky soil and to compete, to fight to survive, to grow strong. We want to take on those qualities, too. We want to support industries that have been operating for thousands of years, cultivating and ingesting these herbs. We believe in nature. We believe she provides the best feast. We believe we all have the potential to be a little bit superhuman

The Practical Stuff
We sell powdered extracts of tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms (which are technically tonic herbs, but this seems to confuse everyone, so we’ll keep ‘em separated for clarity). What is a ‘powdered extract,’ you ask? Great question. A powdered extract is basically the end result of taking a bunch of herbs and boiling and/or tincturing them for a while. The powder comes about after the resultant extract is dried and pushed through an ultra-fine sieve. Our extracts are 10:1, which means it takes 10kgs of herb to make 1kg of our extracts.