Hair Care

Fact: The hardest part of colouring your hair at home is choosing the correct shade. In fact, correct colour selection is one of the most challenging tasks for highly trained hair professionals. Always read the FAQ’s. Always read the individual colour choice advice.


Aromaganic hair colours are:

  • Designed as a maximum grey coverage product.
  • As the coverage is more intense the result might possibly appear slightly darker than expected.
  • NOT suitable for reliable lightening techniques like highlights and balayage.
  • Not designed to remove previous colour. You will need specialised hair bleach applied by a professional.
  • Will not lighten your natural hair, Except, in extremely rare and unusual cases where lightening by 1- 2 shades has occurred due to the extent of existing hair damage, product build up, adverse reaction with previous colour still in the hair, and finally room and scalp temperature at the time of application.

    A professional tip from our number one colour technician:
    “For best grey coverage, always choose colour ending in (.0N), Example (4.0N)” and make sure you put plenty of colour mixture on the parts you want to solidly cover.