Teff Tribe Teff Seed Brown 500gm

Teff Tribe Teff Seed Brown 500gm

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Teff Tribe Teff Seed Brown 500gm

Showcased in its rawest of forms, teff seed can be used for whizzing, baking or boiling! The only limit is your imagination.

It’s flavour works from breakfast to dessert, and all the snacks in between. Its health benefits are in abundance, being low GI, high in iron and packed full of protein.

It contains no gluten or nuts and is rightly so, quite the crowd-pleaser!


Cooking Instructions: 
By far the best way to cook teff seed is in the microwave. This method reduces the starchiness of the seed and will give you a fluffy texture similar to couscous. This method is best when using teff for salads or as a rice replacement.
To achieve a nice fluffy textured just follow these simple steps:

-Add 1 cup of brown teff into a microwaveable bowl/container.
-Add 2 cups of boiling water.
-Place the microwave safe container (lid off) in the microwave for approx. 10 minutes or until all liquid has been absorbed. No need to stir halfway through.
-To achieve a fluffy texture, separate the teff grains by fluffing them with a fork after removing from the microwave.
-Let cool for approx. 5 mins and fluff a second time.
-Place in the fridge to cool for use in salads or serve hot with your meal.


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