Trade Aid Golden Granulated Sugar 1.5kg

Trade Aid Golden Granulated Sugar 1.5kg

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Trade Aid Golden Granulated Sugar 1.5kg

This organic, unbleached sugar is perfect for everyday use in cooking, baking or any time you want to add a little sweetness. Produced entirely without chemicals, the sugar retains a thin covering layer of cane juice on the crystals for a unique golden colour and natural taste. Organically grown by members of the Manduvira co-operative in Paraguay. Our commitment to this long-term relationship has enabled the small-scale growers to invest in their farms and communities and thrive through fair trade.

Now in a new, sealed bag to ensure the sugar stays soft.

Please dispose of this bag thoughtfully. It is 100% compostable in your home compost or worm farm. 

Store in a cool dry place.


Cane Sugar *^ (Organic*, fair trade ^)

Allergen & dietary information:

Egg free, nut free and sesame free

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