The Magic of Mushrooms

The Magic of Mushrooms

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Title: The Magic of Mushrooms By: Cliff Harvey PhD (c)

Four Sigmatic is a US company specialized in superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs.

The most potent mushroom coffees made with Cordyceps, Chaga and Lion's Mane dual-extracts. Enjoy the benefits of these medicinal mushrooms in a tasty coffee.

We make drinking mushrooms (yes, we said drinking mushrooms) delicious and easy-to-do with our wide variety of superfood (and super-good-for-you) beverages. From Mushroom Coffees, to Matchas to Hot Cacao and multi-mushroom Blends… we have it all.

In this workshop Cliff will take you on a journey into the magic world of medicinal mushrooms, from their history and traditional use, through to the remarkable array of performance and health benefits they can offer.

You will learn:

  • The major medicinal mushrooms available today
  • The evidence-based uses of the mushrooms
  • How to incorporate mushrooms into your daily routine for maximum benefit

Cliff Harvey is a nutrition researcher and PhD candidate at the Human Potential Centre at AUT University. He has been in clinical practice for nearly two decades and in that time has worked with Olympic level athletes and world champions, along with the chronically and acutely unwell, to help them reach their best states of health and performance. Cliff is the founder of the Holistic Performance Institute, a private graduate nutrition college and research institute, and is the author of several books, including The Carbohydrate Appropriate Diet.

Find out more about Cliff at

Where: IE Produce. 1 Barry’s Point Road, Takapuna

Date: Wednesday 22nd August

Time: 7-8.30pm

All Welcome! Gold coin donation to North Shore Hospice!





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