Stainless Steel Rectangular Lunchbox 13x13x7.5cm

Stainless Steel Rectangular Lunchbox 13x13x7.5cm

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100% stainless steel & food grade * dishwasher safe * BPA Free

This is a two in one. You can use the top layer as a single lunch box or use the two as a double layer lunch box.

A good alternative to plastic

This product is not leak proof.

Why Meals in Steel?

We are what we eat and how we eat. We put ourselves in risk by making, storing and eating dangerous foods and using containers. Today we see lots of plastic and polystyrene containers are used for carrying and storing food. Even we store hot or warm foods in those containers from takeaways and restaurants.

This type of containers can leach BPA and other toxic substance into our food and body.On top we are making our environment polluted by recycling and landfilling those materials such as plastics and polystyrene, which can take at least 500 years to decompose.




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