Purebread Moral Fibre Kibble Grain Organic

Purebread Moral Fibre Kibble Grain Organic

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Purebread Moral Fibre Kibble Grain Organic

A light grainy bread from our Vintage Organic selection. Baked with the goodness of Organic Konini Kibble (purple wheat) wheat and using old-fashioned methods of fermentation, Moral Fibre tastes great and aids healthy digestion.

Great for children who are used to white fluffy bread but as certified organic, it is free from those nasty pesticides and herbicides common in non-organic varieties.

No other bread uses this natural culture, 15 years in the making and lovingly fed every day. The grains in Moral Fibre are soaked to soften yet retain goodness. The remainder of the predominantly organic ingredients is then blended and left to rise. It is then weighed and rolled into bread pans, risen again then baked in our gas-fired oven.

Ingredients: Organic White Flour, Organic Kibble Konini (purple wheat) Natural Culture (fermented organic white flour and water), Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Fresh Yeast, Organic Molasses, Certified Sea Salt, Gluten, Natural Improver (Organic Flour, Enzymes and Acidity Regulator) & Filtered Eco Living Water

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