Hot X Buns Purebread 6pack

Hot X Buns Purebread 6pack

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Purebread Hot X Buns 6pack

Handcrafted Organic Hot Cross Buns 6pk

Baked using our signature Purebread dough base, these buns are rich in flavor with a light and fluffy texture.
With tones of cinnamon, a special spice blend and lightly sweetened with local Organic honey, these buns are just as good toasted as they are fresh.

Our Ingredients: All organic Purebread dough, flour,  honey, raisins, sultanas.
Plus, Gluten, Butter, cinnamon, mixed spice, yeast, cardamom, sea salt and filtered water.

Keep well in fridge or freezer, eat fresh or toasted in the oven or  microwave.

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