Plantasy Foods Mac 'n Go!

Plantasy Foods Mac 'n Go!

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Plantasy Foods Mac 'n Go! 130gm

Great for desk drawers, backpackers, travellers etc with special dietary requirements...all you need is water and a microwave. It's treat food with a sneaky nutritious twist!

Gluten Free, Plant based convenience. Makes a hefty 300g serve.

All natural ingredients - featuring 100% carrot juice powder and a pinch of turmeric for authentic Mac n Cheese colour.

Completely compostable packaging


INGREDIENTS: gluten free pasta (cassava, maize, rice), nutritional yeast, coconut milk, tapioca, salt, carrot juice powder (100% carrot juice), chickpea miso (chickpeas, rice, koji,salt), garlic, rice bran extract, tumeric.

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