Pacific Harvest Sea Spaghetti Seaweed Branches (Raw, Wild Harvested)
Pacific Harvest Sea Spaghetti Seaweed Branches (Raw, Wild Harvested)
Pacific Harvest Sea Spaghetti Seaweed Branches (Raw, Wild Harvested)

Pacific Harvest Sea Spaghetti Seaweed Branches (Raw, Wild Harvested)

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Pacific Harvest Sea Spaghetti Seaweed Branches (Raw, Wild Harvested) 30gm

Nutritious Sea Spaghetti seaweed adds wonderful texture, umami flavour and nutrients to any meal it is paired with.  Throw it into a vegan or gluten free pasta dish and see who works out it is actually a seaweed!

This Sea Spaghetti is raw, organically wild harvested, air dried naturally to preserve nutrients and tested for contaminants.

INGREDIENTS: Sea Spaghetti (Himanthalia elongata) seaweed 100%.

We offer this seaweed in a small 30g box or larger 170g box if you are catering for large groups or have become a fan!

  • Sustainably harvested
  • Processed in approved food grade facilities
  • High in nutrients


excellent source of iodinegluten freelow fatgm freeplant based

Sea Spaghetti branches are an Eco-cert Certified Organic Seaweed. They are tested for contaminants in accordance with the ANZ Food Code.


Product of EU (France). Packed in New Zealand.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Seal securely once opened.

Allergens: MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: Crustacea, Fish (molluscs).

Warning: Contains naturally occurring iodine. Excessive consumption may exceed recommended daily dietary intakes which could have adverse effects.
Wild harvested. Check for detritus.

How to use Sea Spaghetti Seaweed

Try Sea Spaghetti in salads, soups, broths or add to stir-fries, pasta dishes or even in baking! Soak branches in tepid water or a liquid of your choice to experiment with flavour (will take on the flavour of whatever it is hydrated in).

Of all the seaweeds in our range, this seaweed is the one that needs a little more time to rehydrate. Just soak for at least 30 minutes or boil/steam to speed the process. It will expand in size and take on the texture of al dente pasta.

Interestingly, Sea Spaghetti will take on the flavour of whatever liquid you soak it in – experiment with ginger, herbal teas or even alcoholic option

Health benefits of Sea Spaghetti Seaweed

Sea Spaghetti is a brown seaweed so has excellent iodine levels and also offers a source of calcium and magnesium. Brown seaweeds offer a concentrated and natural source of iodine – an essential nutrient for human health – specifically linked to immunity, thyroid, brain, ovarian and breast health. Iodine is an essential nutrient for the production of a hormone called thyroxin which helps to regulate many body functions. It has also been linked to apoptosis (cell death) which is critical to fighting cancer – particularly thyroid and breast cancer.

We like to refer to this Harvard study, which encourages improving diet in the first instance, before adding made-made nutritional supplements. Most nutrients are more potent when they come from our food and have not been processed in a lab. Plus, food tastes better and is often cheaper than nutritional supplements, not to mention less of a hassle as you can simply add it to what you are already eating or preparing to eat.

Read more about Sea Spaghetti in our extensive seaweed blog!

A word of warning on iodine

Sea Spaghetti offers an excellent source of naturally occurring iodine. Please pay attention to the serving size suggestions on pack and consult a health care professional if you have concerns about your health or further questions about iodine.

How we harvest, test our pack our Sea Spaghetti

Our Sea Spaghetti branches are wild harvested from an eco-cert area in the Atlantic Ocean, as this species does not grow in New Zealand. They are air dried naturally to preserve their dense nutritional value.

Pacific Harvest specialises in seaweed and has been trusted by the nutritional community since 2002.  We test all our Sea Spaghetti for contaminants in external labs, before packing them by hand in our food grade facility in Auckland.


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