Vegetables - Bok Choy

Vegetables - Bok Choy

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Organic Bok Choy - AsureQuality Certified

Bok choy, pak choi or pok choi

A leafy green from the cabbage family. Pak choi is a traditional Asian ingredient, so is often served with oriental flavour.

Most Asian vegetables are a good source of vitamins C and K, and contain dietary fibre and potassium.  Chinese cabbage is also a good source of vitamin A (from beta-carotene), considerably higher compared to other Asian vegetables.  

Small amounts of iron and calcium are found in the leafy greens such as Chinese cabbage, Amaranth, Chinese broccoli and Chrysanthemum leaves.  

While fuzzy melon is a good source of vitamin C it is low in other nutrients.  Asian vegetables contain many phytonutrients including carotenoids, flavonoids and  phenolic acids.

Glucosinolates are present in Brassicas such as Chinese broccoli and bok choy. 

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