Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty™ 225gm
Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty™ 225gm
Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty™ 225gm

Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty™ 225gm

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 Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty™ 225gm

Skin. Hair. Nails. Gut.


Glow from the inside out with Collagen Beauty, a natural collagen supplement with VERISOL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides and Vitamin C to reduce skin wrinkles, increase skin hydration and elasticity, plus support healthy hair, nails and gut.

Our unflavoured Collagen Beauty is versatile and can be added to anything from coffee, tea, smoothies, soups, baking and more.


Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides, VERISOL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides, Wildcrafted Sea Buckthorn Juice*, Bamboo Stem Extract, Guava Leaf Extract. *Certified Organic Ingredients

We proudly source our bovine collagen from the most sustainable and ethical manufacturer in the world.

Allergen warning:

Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy, lupin, tree nuts and sesame.

How to Use

How: Mix 12 g (1 tablespoon) daily into any liquid of choice, from smoothies to soups.
Add your collagen powder to hot beverages, kids drinks or any family meals.

Collagen Beauty is unflavoured, odourless and dissolves in hot and cold liquid. Explore our most popular product reviews from Nutra Organics verified customers.

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