Mrs Rogers Vanilla Beans

Mrs Rogers Vanilla Beans

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Mrs Rogers Vanilla Beans 5gm

Vanilla Pods are the naturally dried Beans from the Vanilla Orchid, native to Mexico.
Our high-quality Vanilla Pods are chosen to be plump, moist & full, naturally sweet flavoured.
The Beans contain tiny seeds which appear as a thick paste until separated.

The Variety

Vanilla is derived from the only fruit bearing orchid, native to Mexico.

Like fine wine, each growing region gives the vanilla unique and complex flavour characteristics.  We have chosen a Planifolia variety, certified organic, and specially selected for its rich, bold, creamy & deeply complex flavour with fruity notes and hints of caramel & chocolate. A unique, highly fragrant vanilla that works well in classic kiwi baking.

For Your Appreciation

Vanilla’s rich, sweet, full flavour, with tones of liquor, can be used in baking, sweets, confectionery, custards and beverages.

Due to the labour involved in growing and drying Vanilla, it is the second most expensive spice behind Saffron.

Natural vanilla retains hundreds of flavour compounds, which gives a more complex flavour & aroma. Cheaper vanilla “essence” only has one flavour compound is often produced from a by-product of the paper pulp industry.

Vanilla is the worlds most popular flavour, its uses extend from cooking and baking, through to cosmetics, perfumes & aromatherapy.

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