Minor Figures Barista OAT M*LK 1lt
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Minor Figures Barista OAT M*LK 1lt

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Minor Figures Barista OAT M*LK 1lt

Made by coffee lovers, for coffee lovers! Robust enough to not split even when faced with the most delicate roast – and the perfect sweetness, density and balance to create silky micro-foam when steamed. Ideal for coffee and latte art. It's also super delicious in your cup of tea or on cereal + porridge.

  • stays fresh for 7 days in the fridge once opened
  • contains no added sugar, stabilisers or preservatives

How to Use: 


  • Ensure your Oat M*lk is chilled and ready for use.
  • Make sure your dedicated milk foaming jug is clean and cold.
  • Whilst foaming your milk, keep the steam wand in the center of the jug, rather than tilting it at an angle to make sure you’re left with a frothy, smooth and silky texture.
  • Moving the jug down slowly as steaming begins to create the foam and microbubbles. Patience and a steady pace is key.
  • Measure the correct amount for each use, according to the cup size being made. This makes for an easier steaming process.
  • Heat milk to 140F or 60C


Dairy free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. No added sugar. No stabilizers or preservatives.

Water, Oats (10%), Rapeseed Oil. Tricalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Salt.

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