Kokonati True Ceylon Vanilla Bean Powder 10gm

Kokonati True Ceylon Vanilla Bean Powder 10gm

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Kokonati True Ceylon Vanilla Bean Powder 10gm

A true medicinal food used for centuries, vanilla is a ‘superfood’ that is especially powerful at enhancing brain and mood health!

Scientific studies have shown that vanillin, the primary compound in vanilla, has anti-carcinogenic properties. It is also reported that vanillin eradicates human cancer cells by limiting movement of cancer cells from the original site to other parts of the body. The aroma of Vanilla is also said to be a strong aphrodisiac!

Ceylon Vanilla beans have grown naturally in the spice gardens of Ceylon from ancient times.

Our Vanilla blooms are hand pollinated and left to mature for 8 months into beans on their own vines.

Carefully handpicked, the beans are further cured naturally to enhance the aroma and flavour before being ground into our exotic vanilla bean powder. A super cognitive food, it is a powerful mood enhancer and helps control and maintain healthy levels of inflammation!

Ingredients : milled Organic Vanilla Beans

No processing, no additives , no preservatives

A product of Sri Lanka ( Ceylon)

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