Kokonati Organic Desiccated Chips 200gm
Kokonati Organic Desiccated Chips 200gm

Kokonati Organic Desiccated Chips 200gm

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Organic Coconut Chips (Unsweetened)

KOKONATI Organic Coconut Chips and Threads have the natural crunch of raw coconut meat and have a clean coconutty aroma!

These coconut flakes and chips are more flavourful than standard desiccated coconut because the flavours have not been vented off by high temperatures and no moisture has been pressed out prior to drying.

If you want these flakes to be sweeter, placing them in a bag and adding a touch of your favourite dry sweetener will do the trick. The oils in the coconut make them prime targets for any sweetener to stick. This way you can make them as sweet as you want and not have to deal with preservatives or other less favourable ingredients.

It is also a great way to add fibre to kiddies’ meals and lunch boxes

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