Kokonati Organic Deodorised Coconut Oil 200ml

Kokonati Organic Deodorised Coconut Oil 200ml

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Steam Deodorized Coconut Oils – Heat pressed

KOKONATI Deodorised Coconut oils are 100% naturally steam deodorised- truly delicious when you need the goodness of the coconut without the aroma. Deodorised Coconut oils is also rich in medium chain fatty acids. It is considered a functional ‘super food’ because it has healing benefits beyond its nutritional contents. A Coconut has more nutrients, that is simply put, the reason why coconut oils have many advantages over other oil sources. It comes from a source that’s naturally higher in minerals and other phytonutrients, the humble Coconut.

Why is KOKONATI Deodorized Coconut Oil the best for cooking or baking with?
  • Made from high quality copra – sundried coconut meat
  • 100% organically produced – Heat processed, higher yield in production and so lesser priced,
  • Retains all the natural authentic goodness of the coconut
  • Steam refined to remove coconut aroma -NO chemicals-NO Trans fats-NO Hydrogenation
  • Internationally accredited HACCP Certified processes
  • Goodness of coconut oil without the aroma for foods that need to be free of the coconut fragrance.
  • Sensational Palatability, Smooth and clean tasting
  • Long shelf life – KOKONATI deodorized coconut oils have a shelf life of 2 years and more
  • Zero Eco-Impact on waste- all bi-products and waste material are utilized in the manufacture of other nature-friendly products

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