Karen Murrell Lipsticks 06 Carnation Mist

Karen Murrell Lipsticks 06 Carnation Mist

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Karen Murrell Lipsticks 06 Carnation Mist

Carnation Mist’s sweet disposition presents in a girlish pink shade evoking feelings of delicate femininity and admiration when worn. It is the ultimate tribute to the beautiful woman you are, naturally. The perfect lipstick colour when wanting to add a subtle touch of pink to your look. Nothing inspires confidence more than a beautiful-looking lip. 

Lipstick benefits-

All Karen Murrell lipsticks have carefully selected natural ingredients that ensure a creamy, smooth application, on-the-go hydration, and long-lasting colour. 

Lipstick contains the following active ingredients - 

  • Avocado oil provides moisture, nourishment, and hydration.
  • Cinnamon gives fuller, plumper lips.
  • Nourishing Shea butter and Jojoba seed oil 
  • Evening primrose oil is rich in Omega 6, soothing, and super moisturising.
  • Carnauba wax, renowned for its high melting point, ensures your lipstick is long-lasting – even on the hottest day.
  • Beeswax high in anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin A which supports cell reconstruction and health. 

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