Happy Way Chocolate Whey Protein Powder 500gm

Happy Way Chocolate Whey Protein Powder 500gm

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Happy Way Chocolate Whey Protein Powder 500gm

100% natural and made with only good stuff, our Whey Protein Powders boost energy, increase strength and nourish the mind and body from the inside out!

So, you’re a self-confessed chocoholic? We’ve got you sorted.

Our Top Of The Choc Whey Protein Powder is made with all-natural ingredients and only the best organic cacao—to satisfy those daily sweet tooth cravings and give you energy without the sugar crash and burn you get from chocolate. Oozing rich, chocolatey goodness, this flavour is a pantry staple and a must-have in your smoothies, shakes and snacks.

To all the chocolate lovers out there, this one’s for you.

How to

Combine two heaped tablespoons (30 g) with water or your milk of choice, mixing well in a shaker or blender to create a delicious shake or smoothie. Alternatively, add 30 grams to your morning oats, natural yoghurt or baked goodies. For optimal results, enjoy twice a day.

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