Golden Fields Roasted Malt 225gm

Golden Fields Roasted Malt 225gm

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Golden Fields Roasted Malt 225gm

coffee is made from the roasted grain of malted barley - a mild and nutty coffee-like flavour, the most flavourful of all cereal coffee substitutes. Barley is a cereal grain, like wheat.

The barley malt is extensively used by breweries to make beer. The malting (germinating and drying) results in the formation of maltose in the barley grain, subsequently caramelised by a light roasting to make the Roasted Malt Coffee.

Additional Information:

Roasted Malt was first commercially introduced by the famous German parson Kneipp, who recommended in 1889 a healthy coffee consisting in equal parts of coffee and roasted malt. It is interesting to note that this was over one hundred years ago, in the middle of the Victorian times, a long and prosperous period of peace.

Roasted Malt can have a beneficial effect upon the system, leading to healthier nerves and more efficient mental activity.

Ingredients: All certified organic and grown in New Zealand

The sachets contain very finely ground roasted malt, some roasted barley bran flakes and 10% finely ground roasted chicory root. The chicory combines well with roasted malt and underlines the coffee likeness of the drink.

The grounds are made only of roasted grains of malted barley, without fines.


  • Sachets: One sachet per cup, use preheated cup, pour boiling water, cover, infuse 5–10 minutes, squeeze sachet with teaspoon and stir.
  • Grounds: One teaspoon loose ground per cup, or 15 grams per litre, infuse 5–10 minutes or simmer one minute.
  • For a latte (cow or soy milk), a stronger brew may be necessary.
  • A chi coffee is a very pleasant variation of the Malt Coffee. To make it, just add some of the three C spices and some fresh ginger. You can add them individually or in any combination. The three C spices are Cinnamon, Cardamom, Coriander.

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