Golden Fields French Coffee 25 bags

Golden Fields French Coffee 25 bags

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Golden Fields French Coffee 25bags

is coffee mixed with chicory, roasted malt and a small amount of Yannoh. All ingredients contribute with their sugars and minerals to the overall smoothness of the drink and reinforce the delicate flavour of the coffee.

Golden Fields French Coffee has a very low caffeine content. Unlike decaffeinated coffee it is made from whole untreated ingredients. The coffee used here is an organic Arabica, a variety with a fine aroma and a naturally low caffeine content.

Additional Information:

Golden Fields French Coffee will provide many with a step towards eliminating excessive coffee drinking.

Ingredients: All certified organic

Chicory root, Arabica coffee (25%), Roasted Malt, Yannoh. All ingredients are grown in New Zealand, except for the coffee which is comes from Papua New Guinea or East Timor (certified NASAA).


  • Sachets: One sachet per cup, use preheated cup, pour boiling water, cover, infuse 5–10 minutes, squeeze sachet with teaspoon and stir.
  • Ground: One teaspoon loose ground per cup, or 15 grams per litre, infuse 5–10 minutes (plunger or teapot) or use percolator.

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