Golden Fields Dandelion Coffee 25 sachet

Golden Fields Dandelion Coffee 25 sachet

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Golden Fields Dandelion Coffee 25 sachet

Golden Fields Dandelion Coffee is commercially grown on Golden Fields’ certified organic farm close to Christchurch in New Zealand. Dandelion is a difficult plant to grow commercially and is labour intensive, which explains the price.


SACHETS (DA25, DA100, DA5) contain very finely ground dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale), lightly roasted, and some roasted barley malt (not more than 12%). The dandelion combines well with roasted malt and reduces the bitterness of the drink. Dandelion fines are difficult to handle and the roasted malt acts as a free flowing agent in the tea bagging process. There are 3.6 to 3.8g of the blend per sachet.

GRANULES (DA175, DA500) are small pieces of roasted root without fines. They are made of dandelion root only and are gluten free.


  • Sachets: One sachet per cup, use preheated cup, pour boiling water, cover, infuse 5–10 minutes.
  • Granules: Use one medium teaspoon loose granules per cup, or 15 grams per litre (one tablespoon), infuse 10–15 minutes or simmer 1–2 minutes. This yields a very pleasant drink which is not bitter.
  • For a latte (cow or soy milk etc..), a stronger brew may be necessary.

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