Global Healing Allertrex® 29ml
Global Healing Allertrex® 29ml

Global Healing Allertrex® 29ml

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Global Healing Allertrex® 29ml

Natural Respiratory Support Formula

  • FAT, SOOTHING RELIEF - Simple herbal spray helps ease redness and swelling of nose & throat breathing passages. Helps with sinus pressure & headache from clogged nose from mucus and post runny drip. It's never been simpler to breathe a bit easier.
  • LUNG SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT  - Indoor & outdoor air pollution can cause your nose to react. Allertrex contains natural ingredients, like orange peel, that stimulates mucus production, helping your body expel built-up toxins to keep your lungs feeling clean.
  • ENCOURAGE NATURAL DEFENSE - Helps stimulate mucus secretions to capture toxins and provides support to release mucus from the sinus passages to allow you to breathe easy through your nose and mouth. Support balanced histamine levels & immune response.
  • DETOX RESPIRATORY SYSTEM - Feel cleansed and refreshed with this blend of herbs and essential oils that soothe & cleanse the lungs, throat, and sinuses. Convenient spray cover and travel size makes it easy to keep in your purse, pocket, or bag.
  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA - Allertex is manufactured in our very own, state-of-the-art cGMP certified facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

Suggested Use:

Spray into mouth, inhale deeply three times, then swallow remaining liquid.

- Age 12+: 6 sprays 3 times daily

- Age 6-12: 4 sprays 3 times daily

What Is Allertrex?

Air quality is a concern that affects everyone. Whether it’s the smog, pollen, or smoke outside, or pet dander, household chemicals, and dust inside, pollutants in the air can irritate your respiratory system and make breathing uncomfortable. There haven’t been many natural ways to reduce the effects these airborne toxins can have on your health, until now.

Allertrex is an all-natural, liquid, herbal formula that can detoxify, cleanse, and refresh the entire respiratory system. It’s made with a blend of powerful herbs and essential oils that soothe and cleanse the lungs, throat, and sinuses to promote clear, easy breathing. Use it any time to support your airways! It’s great for morning, afternoon, or in the evening before bed. Each one-ounce bottle lasts 14 days when used as directed.

Health Benefits of Allertrex

Allertrex is the ultimate in all-natural respiratory health support!

Helps You Breathe Easy

Whether you’re under the weather or just want to support your respiratory health naturally, Allertrex stimulates circulation to help your lungs feel strong and help you breathe easy.

Reduces Irritation

Whether you’ve got a frog in your throat or your sinuses are on fire, Allertrex has you covered. Made with menthol, peppermint, and eucalyptus, just a few sprays can ease respiratory discomfort.

Keeps Your Lungs Feeling Clean

Air pollutants affect your lungs and ability to breathe. Allertrex contains natural ingredients like orange peel that stimulate mucus production, helping your body expel built-up toxins.

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