Doctor’s Best QUERCETIN BROMELAIN 180vcaps
Doctor’s Best QUERCETIN BROMELAIN 180vcaps

Doctor’s Best QUERCETIN BROMELAIN 180vcaps

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Doctor’s Best QUERCETIN BROMELAIN 180vcaps

Enjoy the seasons.

Quercetin is like a secret agent on the hunt for free radicals. It seeks them out to help you enjoy a healthy immune system throughout the seasons.* Derived from the Dimorphandra mollis plant, quercetin also supports healthy respiratory function.* We add bromelain as well to aid in a balanced immune system response to environmental changes.* Bromelain is a naturally-occurring enzyme from pineapple stems that increases the absorption rate of quercetin and the positive benefits of taking it as a part of your daily diet.* 


Each serving contains 500 mg of quercetin and 250 mg of bromelain. Take two veggie capsules daily without food.

What is the source of your Quercetin?

Quercetin is extracted from seedpods of the Dimorphandra mollis plant. It does not come from citrus, algae or onions. It is a very potent and versatile flavonoid and phytonutrient.

Are there sensitivities to Quercetin or Bromelain?

The incidence of allergy or reactivity to Quercetin or Bromelain is very low.

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