Doctor’s Best ASHWAGANDHA 125MG 60vcaps

Doctor’s Best ASHWAGANDHA 125MG 60vcaps

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Doctor’s Best ASHWAGANDHA 125MG 60vcaps

Plant power.

Stay calm, and carry on. Known for generations in Ayurvedic tradition, Ashwagandha is associated with reduced feelings of stress, irritability and negativity - as well as improving mental focus and healthy sleep patterns.* One of the most highly prized plants in Ayurveda, Ashwagandha is sourced from the superplant Withania somnifera. Specially formulated with Sensoril®, our Ashwagandha is developed without chemical solvents using a clinically validated process - to provide a superior form of bioactive ingredients.* Lean on this timeless remedy to find your center.

Time-tested remedy.

Sensoril® was evaluated for its effects on memory and other mental functions such as cognitive processing speed, attention/working memory, memory and psychomotor speed (8 week trial).* Taking Sensoril® showed significantly greater improvements over the placebo in multiple cognitive tests, suggesting benefits for forgetfulness and mental focus.*


Each veggie capsule contains 125 mg of ashwagandha. Take two capsules daily with food, preferably in the morning.

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