Chief Collagen Protein Choc Peanut Butter Bar
Chief Collagen Protein Choc Peanut Butter Bar
Chief Collagen Protein Choc Peanut Butter Bar

Chief Collagen Protein Choc Peanut Butter Bar

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Chief Collagen Protein Choc Peanut Butter Bar 

Take your taste buds on a wild ride, the ultimate fusion of indulgence and nutrition, with our new chocolate covered Collagen Protein Bars. Beneath the heavenly dark chocolate lies a delectable core of biscuity, Peanut Butter. But this bar is more than just an enticing delight for your taste buds. It's still a powerhouse of protein, healthy fats and fibre, meticulously crafted to fuel your #ChiefLife and vanquish your hunger.

It's easy to find bars with great macros, or with clean ingredients, but it's hard to find both. We've done it with these bars, incredible macros AND clean ingredients!

How they're different

High in dairy free protein and healthy fats to keep you full for longer

  • High in fibre for gut health
  • No added sugar, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols
  • No artificial thickeners and fillers
  • No dried fruit means they're low sugar
  • Get friendly, no bloating or gas
  • Keto and Paleo friendly
  • 5 Star Health Rated!

How to use them

A clean treat that'll beat sugar cravings and get you through to meal time.

  • Use as a protein source for your smoothies (blends well!)
  • Crumble on top of your breakfast (e.g. yoghurt, oats, etc)
  • Can be kept in your glovebox (heat resistant - does not apply to chocolate covered flavours)
  • Will last up to 14 months without refrigeration. Keep in the fridge or freezer for longer storage.
  • Great pre or post workout.
  • Great to have with the beef bars for a more complete meal.
  • Kids love them too!

What's in the box?

12 Bars of Peanut Butter Collagen Protein Bars (45g)


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