Body Ecology - The Body Ecology Living Cookbook

Body Ecology - The Body Ecology Living Cookbook

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We are so excited to announce the first ever Body Ecology Living Cookbook, Deliciously Healing Foods For a Happier Healthier World.

The best-kept secret to creating delicious meals is to prepare them with a heart of gratitude. When you cook and share food with gratitude, the food “feels” your energy and responds in a loving and caring way. This is the true meaning of the saying “food is medicine”. Entering the kitchen to prepare a meal while holding the intention of love and gratitude for healthy food creates a meal that is that much more flavorful and nourishing. The Body Ecology Diet foods have the amazing power to build your immune system and truly nurture your body and your soul.
The Body Ecology Living Cookbook gives you:
  • Over 250 delicious recipes for optimal health created by Donna Gates
  • Body Ecology’s top cooking tips used by professionals around the world
  • Clear steps to apply the 7 BE principles to every meal you eat
  • Find out how healthy food is delicious with quick and easy Body Ecology meals

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