Body Ecology Liquid Stevia

Body Ecology Liquid Stevia

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Sweet-tasting Herbal Extract Dietary Supplement

  • Zero Calorie, Zero Carbohydrates, Zero Glycemic Index
  • 985 servings in every bottle
  • Bitter-free, refreshingly sweet, smooth-tasting
  • Minimal processing for highest purity

Simple Tastes Sweeter

Body Ecology Liquid Stevia is produced with a different look and taste than most other liquid Stevias on the market. Our Stevia is not over-processed to preserve its purity and natural sweetness. For this reason, Body Ecology Liquid Stevia is not completely clear, unlike many “crystal clear” commercial Stevia products that are over-processed by dehydrating or spray-drying into a white powder before being reconstituted back into liquid form. These heavy processing methods used to create a clearer Stevia can compromise its natural aromas and flavors, while stripping nutrition from the Stevia plant leaves.

Body Ecology Liquid Stevia tastes so refreshingly sweet because it is produced in a way that is naturally simple. Enjoy your liquid Stevia the way nature intended — with minimal processing that offers more natural sweetness.

BED Stevia Liquid Concentrate is made from stevia leaf, purified water, alcohol 6.9%, and vegetable glycerin.
Conversion Chart
1 cup sugar= 1 teaspoon liquid or powder
1 tablespoon sugar= 1/4 teaspoon powder, 6-9 drops liquid
1 teaspoon sugar= pinch to 1/16 teaspoon powder, 2-4 drops liquid

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