Artemis Hormone Balance Tea 30gm
Artemis Hormone Balance Tea 30gm

Artemis Hormone Balance Tea 30gm

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Artemis Hormone Balance Tea 30gm

  • Support for hormonal balance, healthy ovulation and a regular menstrual cycle
  • Supports premenstrual and menstrual comfort
  • Nourishes and supports a healthy endometrium

Hormones work best when they are in balance.

Hormone Balance organic tea formula is specifically for women in their reproductive years to support balance for the hormones involved in a regular menstrual cycle and optimal fertility, and to support premenstrual and menstrual comfort.

Hormone Balance also contains key nutrients to nourish the endometrium and prepare it for conception. A wonderful natural option for teenage girls, for women coming off the pill, or for women trying to conceive.

Take Hormone Balance organic tea formula, your daily dose of wellness, to support a healthy menstrual cycle and optimal fertility.


Use 1 level tsp (1000mg) per cup (150ml) and infuse with boiling water for 5-10 minutes.


3 cups daily, for 8-12 weeks or until cycle is considered normal. 

For further support, continue with 1 cup daily in the second half of your cycle. 


Close tightly and keep away from heat and moisture. 

Filled by weight, contents may settle. 


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