Pacific Harvest Power of Three Seaweed Flake Blend

Pacific Harvest Power of Three Seaweed Flake Blend

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Pacific Harvest Power of Three Seaweed Flake Blend 

We’ve made our unique Power of Three Seaweed  Flake Blend with  nothing but delicious, raw, dried seaweed flakes – Sugar kelp (a brown seaweed), Atlantic Dulse (red seaweed) and Sea Lettuce (green seaweed) flakes.  Just as we know that we should ‘eat the rainbow’ of land vegetable as each colour brings different nutrients and flavour, so should we eat  the seaweed rainbow!

It’s a gluten free, raw, dairy and soy free seasoning which will add a range of essential micronutrients as well as wonderful umami flavour to your food. Many are using this product as an alternative to salt as it has a naturally salty flavour, thanks to the seaweeds, but a far greater mineral content thanks to the seaweeds.  It adds a splash of colour to your plate and is the ultimate carbon negative seasoning.

Seaweeds require no fertisiler to grow, no additional water. Did you know that seaweeds are responsible for over 70% of our earth’s oxygen? They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen as all seaweeds photosynthesize.

We blend and pack our Power of Three Seaweed Flakes in New Zealand from imported ingredients.  All the seaweeds in this blend are tested for contaminants in accordance with the ANZ Food Standards Code.

Ingredients: Atlantic Dulse, Sea Lettuce, Sugar Kelp (Saccharina latissima) seaweed flakes.

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