Cacao and Chocolate Mindfulness Workshop

Cacao and Chocolate Mindfulness Workshop

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Cacao and Chocolate Mindfulness Workshop 

The benefits of a cacao ceremony.

Here are some of the benefits people can expect during a cacao ceremony:

1. It's heart-opening.

2. It's mood-boosting.

3. It can help you focus. 

4. It can be very sensual.

5. It's good for your health.


And of course, we couldn't leave out all the physical benefits of this superfood. Cacao is high in antioxidants, iron, magnesium, calcium, and more. There's also research showing regular consumption of cacao (in healthy amounts) 


the Cacao Ambassador 

We hope our love of creating opens your heart to a deeper taste of the infinite! We invite you in tasting true creativity to explore the taste of the unseen you, to step over the edge and manifest your brilliance in all you create and do.

Also showcasing She Universe Moments and the She Universe Easter Chocolates 

w lotsa tastings!

Come and have a great night filled w chocolate fun and tastings!


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