Zero Washing Up Liquid (Fragrance Free) 500ml

Zero Washing Up Liquid (Fragrance Free) 500ml

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Ecover Zero Washing Up Liquid (Fragrance Free) 500ml

Ecover only use plant-based and natural ingredients which are ‘gentle on skin’. However, whether natural or synthetic, fragrances within products are made up of various potential irritants.

The Ecover ZERO range has been specially crafted to give exceptional results for people wanting a fragrance-free alternative they can trust. The unique new formula of this washing up liquid offers improved results, without the side effects. Designed for sensitive skin, it contains no nasties or fragrances, plus it’s dermatologically tested and approved by Allergy UK. It protects your hands when doing the dishes, taking care of sensitive skin whilst effectively cutting through grease.

Since 1980, Ecover has been devoted to developing and producing ecological washing and cleaning products that work. These products are unique because they are made to perform whilst having the absolute minimum effect on the environment. They are made of renewable plant-based and mineral ingredients that biodegrade fast and completely, chosen to work effectively and reduce the amount of chemicals in your home and environment. Over the years, Ecover have developed products that clean better without ever losing sight of their ethos of sustainability. Every part of their manufacturing process and supply chain is designed to reduce impact on the environment.

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>30% Water, 5-15% Anionic and Non-Ionic Surfactants, <5% Lactic Acid, Sodium Citrate

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