The Good Facemask by Munch Child Hedgehog

The Good Facemask by Munch Child Hedgehog

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The Good Facemask by Munch Child Hedgehog

The #goodfacemask brought to you by Munch - doing our little bit to protect you and our community while bringing purposeful work to our homework team of sewists and makers.

Special design

Our masks have surgical ties that help hold the mask nice and tight to your face, a wire nose piece so it fits tightly to your nose and the 3 layer filter system.  

Ethically made in NZ

Our #goodfacemasks are made through our unique homework force that enables the vulnerable to work.  We are here to help protect you but also to keep the vulnerable in work.  The projections for our current situation and our economic recovery after the outbreak shows that many people will be out of work and specially those who are already vulnerable. Let's keep people in work together.

Key features

  • 100% reusable and washable
  • 100% made in New Zealand (excluding the filter)
  • Fun unique organic patterns
  • 3 layer filter system
  • Surgical ties to fit the face well and molding around the nose. You can remove these ties if you do not wish to use them.
  • The masks are not medical grade and wearing this alone will not protect the wearer.
  • Our mask is not intended to replace surgical face masks and it is not PPE certified - the filters are tested but as a whole three layer mask it has not been tested.

Filter system

Each mask comes with a filter to be used once. These types of filters can be purchased separately here. However the mask can be used without a filter or simply with a filter from the average kitchen paper towel.  An average kitchen paper towel has a filter system of approximately N70. Note that there are two small holes at the bottom of the mask so you can fit any type of filter. 

Our reusable face masks help to:

  • Reduce anxiety levels when visiting essential services or outdoors
  • Minimizes face touching
  • If you are unwell or you do not know you are unwell,  it will capture droplets and therefore protect others
  • Protects our environment as the good facemask is reusable and washable rather than destined for landfill after one use

Child one size (approx)

Mask = 15cm (nose to chin), 32cm (back of ear to back of ear)

The above sizes are approximate as it may change due to fabric and the different home sewers we work with. If you are finding that it is to big, we suggest you tie knots in the elastic to bring the mask closer to your face.  Also if you use the attachable ties that will bring your mask closer to your face too. 
If you are finding that it is too small, your attachable ties will be more comfortable. Also don't forget to wash your mask in a hot wash before using them as there will be some shrinkage.

Care instructions

Please hand wash your mask. If you are going to machine wash your mask make sure you put it in a laundry bag to protect the attachable surgical ties.


Ear to ear measurement includes the elastic measure.

Our masks are all handmade so sizes may vary slightly. Please choose carefully as there are no refunds for the facemask for health reasons.

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