Swiss Bliss Vegan Perfection 105gm

Swiss Bliss Vegan Perfection 105gm

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Swiss Bliss Vegan Perfection 105gm

A dark chocolate lovers box with Bacardi Coconut Truffle, Walnut/Raisin Chocolates Macadamia Praline Chocolates and Cranberry Quinoa Lime Rocher.

Ingredients List: Dark Chocolate Couverture, Sugar*, Walnuts, Almonds*, Sunflower Seeds*, Millet Puffs*, Coconut Cream*, Toasted Coconut Flakes*, Quinoa Flakes*, Cranberries*, Raisins, Rum, Bacardi, Cacao Powder, Macadamia Nut Oil, Macadamia Nuts, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Plant Oil, Spray Free lime peel + Lime Oil*, Icing Sugar*, Vanilla*, Sea Salt, Glucose, Emulsifier in Chocolate: Soy Lecithin <1%. *Organic or Certified Organic



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