Silk Tea Organic GABA Oolong 50gm

Silk Tea Organic GABA Oolong 50gm

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Our Organic GABA Oolong comes direct from a plantation in Nantou Taiwan. GABA is a neurotransmitter that acts as a natural relaxant. It decreases stress, anxiety levels and helps improve sleep quality. Our Organic GABA Oolong contains 256mg of GABA per 100g.

GABA is increasingly used as a natural aid to reduce anxiety as it is non-addictive and has no known side effects. An increase in GABA levels in the brain increase slow wave sleep, and decrease waking. This tea is perfectly paired with meditation, yoga or as part of a relaxing evening with a book. 

Organic GABA Oolong is a premium High Mountain Oolong. It is picked by Mr Hsu's tea from tea gardens on Ba Gua Mountain, Nantou, Taiwan.

The tea is packed in oxo-biodegradable packaging and 1% of all sales is donated to local New Zealand charities through the One Percent Collective. 

Each packet contains 50g of Organic GABA Oolong tea.  STEEP at 90° for 2-3 minutes. One teaspoon per serve. 

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