She Universe Full Fat Cacao Powder

She Universe Full Fat Cacao Powder

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She Universe Full Fat Cacao Powder 150gm

This is no ordinary Cacao powder - rather the first of its kind and true Cacao powder!! The cacao butter (the fat) has not been removed so the health properties can be easily absorbed by the body!

This powder has been hand ground by our partners Cathliro in the Solomon Islands. It is perfect to add to smoothies, or sprinkle over ice cream or yogurt for example to add the health benefits it contains and of course the incredible chocolate flavour!
Please note this Cacao Powder is not cocoa powder and is not ideal for baking.
Also due to the fat content, if stored warm, the product may clump. This can be rectified by storing in a cool place and adding pressure to make it come apart once more.

The cacao beans that creates this powder are sourced directly from the farms in the Solomons through She Universe and we work on the ground to ensure care is 360 degrees from the trees to the farmers to you!

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