Pukka Tea Relax Tea 20tbags

Pukka Tea Relax Tea 20tbags

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Relax tea is a deeply soothing fusion of organic chamomile, fennel and marshmallow root

Good news for taking a moment to reflect and relax. Let yourself unwind Take a few moments, just you and your senses. Let them breathe and ease their burden – bathe them in the tranquillity of chamomile flower and the peaceful bliss of oat flower, fennel seed and marshmallow root. Unwinding has never tasted so heavenly.

Enjoy letting go.


Naturally caffeine-free and ethically sourced, 100% organically grown ingredients: Sweet fennel seed (24%), chamomile flower (18%), licorice root, oat flowering tops, cardamom pod, ginger root, marshmallow root (10%).   16% FairWild certified ingredients (licorice) by dried weight. Visit www.fairwild.org   40% fair trade ingredients certified by IMO according to the Fair for Life Programme – fennel, licorice.

Directions for use: Bring these incredible herbs alive by infusing in freshly boiled water for up to 15 minutes .


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