Pine Needle Tea N.Z.

Pine Needle Tea N.Z.

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Pine Needle Tea N.Z. 15 tbags

Pine has been used since the Middle Ages for its powerful benefits and was a favourite traditional plant for Native Americans.

Taoist priests drank pine needle tea as they believed it made them live longer.

Naturally rich in astonishing nutrients and antioxidants, Pine Needle Tea, also known as Christmas Tree Tea or Holiday Tea, is a pleasant tea to enjoy anytime of the day and all year round.


Blend of New Zealand Pine Needles (Pseudotsuga menziesii [Douglas Fir] and Pinus Radiata [Monterey Pine]).


Infuse 1-2 teabags in boiling water for 10-15 minutes before drinking to fully capture the flavour and herbal benefits. Add honey to sweeten if desired. Use up to three times daily.


Avoid during pregnancy and lactation or have allergies to pine trees or similar plants. Seek professional health advice if suffering from a medical condition or taking medications before taking this tea.


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