Nutra Organics Cacao Butter Drops

Nutra Organics Cacao Butter Drops

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Nutra Organics Cacao Butter Drops 250gm 

Nutra Organics Cacao Butter is a pure product. No chemical refining or bleaching here, and nothing artificial added, just pure whole food goodness.

This luxurious butter is made from the fermented cacao bean, and is also known as theobroma oil. Cacao Butter is a healthy saturated fat and has no sugar or salt. This ultra smooth butter is used for both cooking and as a natural moisturiser. 

How is Raw Cacao Butter made? Cacao Butter is made by cold pressing the raw cacao beans to extract the oil while preserving the rich nutrients. It has the aroma of dark chocolate. 

INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Raw Cacao Butter


Cacao Butter melts at 35C and can be used in so many different ways. An integral part of making homemade chocolate that will actually set, and great to include in raw desserts of all kinds, cakes, balls, tarts, nice cream etc. Raw Cacao Butter can also be used as a body butter, as its a great natural (and delicious) moisturiser for the whole family. You can even use Cacao butter as treatment for sunburn, dry chapped lips, scar tissue and stretch marks. 

Good to know: Will cut into smaller chunks easily with a knife.

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