Mistyday Plant Potions Dragonfruit / Pitaya Powder

Mistyday Plant Potions Dragonfruit / Pitaya Powder

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Mistyday Plant Potions Dragonfruit / Pitaya Powder 50g


100% Pink DragonFruit ( Pitaya) Powder




Dragon fruit or Pitaya thrives around good organic soil. It yields large and ornate white flowers that produce a sweet fragrance when in bloom, but the flowers bloom for only one night, pollinated by bats and moths — however, the plant may have up to six fruit-producing cycles annually.


Dragon fruit is oval and contains a sweet, sometimes sour tasting flesh. The inside is typically white or red with little seeds that are similar to kiwifruit.


Dragon fruit are high in vitamin C which supports the immune system, skin and connective tissue. It is also essential for virtually all metabolic processes in the body.  In addition, dragon fruit are a powerhouse of other antioxidants including lycopene that have numerous benefits for the body, including support for healthy skin and aging. 


In addition, dragon fruit, like kiwifruit, contains soluble fibre which supports digestive health, healthy cholesterol and weight management.  In turn, the little black seeds in dragon fruit powder also contain omega 3 and six to support skin moisture, heart and joint health.


Our 100% freeze dried pink dragonfruit powder can be added to any drinks, smoothies, desserts or baking to give them an antioxidant, fibre boost and a beautiful bright pink hue. 


If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any medical conditions consult your healthcare practitioner before use. 

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