H2coco Pure Coconut Water 1lt

H2coco Pure Coconut Water 1lt

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H2coco Pure Coconut Water 1lt

Proudly authentic and completely natural, our pure coconut water comes straight from the coconut. With no nasty concentrates and no added sugar, this deliciously refreshing favourite is considered H2coco royalty.



If you’re looking for guilt-free and delicious hydration, H2coco Pure Coconut Water is the way to go! Our coconut water taste like it’s poured straight from the coconut, because it is!

H2coco Pure Coconut Water is 100% natural with no added sugar, no concentrates and no preservatives. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free and fat-free, as well as being certified as vegan-friendly. 

It’s no secret that our coconut water is naturally healthy, hydrating and refreshing. In fact, according to studies, coconut water contains less sugar than most sports drinks but is packed with the electrolytes that your body needs during and after strenuous exercise.

H2coco Pure Coconut Water is great to drink on its own and make a perfect base for your daily smoothies and smoothie bowls. You can also use coconut water when you’re whipping up pancakes for breakfast or making curry for dinner – the list of coconut water recipes is endless! For more inspiration and recipe ideas, please visit our Real Taste section.

H2coco Pure 100% Natural | Pure Coconut Water | No Added Sugar | No Flavourings | Fat-Free | Dairy-Free | Gluten-Free | Supports Hydration | Vegan Certified





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