Bob's Red Mill Brown Rice Farina

Bob's Red Mill Brown Rice Farina

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A 100% whole grain and gluten free cereal, Organic Creamy Brown Rice Farina is a wholesome way to start your day. Sprinkle with your favourite toppings for a sweet or savoury breakfast or dinner side dish.

Bob's Red Mill Organic "Creamy Rice" Brown Rice Farina Hot Cereal is whole grain cereal at its finest. We take the finest organic California brown rice and cut it into a few pieces to create a satisfyingly smooth cereal with a mild flavour. This wholesome cereal is a favourite of adults and kids alike. It's also gluten free, so it's a great alternative for people with special diets.
Whole grain brown rice is high in protein, iron and fibre. Rice is notoriously easy to digest, making this cereal perfect for those who have digestive issues and is great for little ones who need something simple, yet nutritious in their tummies.
Organic "Creamy Rice" Brown Rice Farina makes a delicious and satisfying hot breakfast cereal or add chopped green onions, mushrooms and your favourite spices for a unique alternative to potatoes at dinner. Brown rice farina can be very sticky and is a fun alternative to polenta or grits in your favourite recipes.

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