BeYou CBD Oral Spray Berry 600mg

BeYou CBD Oral Spray Berry 600mg

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BeYou CBD Oral Spray Berry 600mg - 30ml


Did you know that our bodies have native receptors to cannabinoids (the anti-inflammatory (non-psychoactive) component of cannabis plants)? And that it's this reported receptivity that's led to many trusting it to help relieve their aches and minimise the side-effects of stress? There's still an abundance of ongoing study by those who are eager to understand cannabinoids but, for those who are willing to give them a go, this spray is a brilliant desk-side addition to help take the edge off a burgeoning twinge, or to feel more 'in charge' when you get a bit angst-ridden.


Having gained recognition of late due to research that aims to unlock some of CBD's secrets, this extract is changing the face of the wellbeing industry. Shown in studies to lessen the impact of myriad aches, pains and ailments - from period cramps to pre-interview nerves - BeYou's CBD Spray - 600mg makes an excellent 'upgrade' for those who've already discovered its multiple benefits.

Harnessing only the highest-quality natural ingredients, the brand uses MCT (coconut) oil as the carrier for their CBD spritz as it's swiftly absorbed and possesses a barely-there flavour. And because we all respond differently to things, you might find a lower or higher dose works better for you - which is why you can choose between CBD Oral Spray with MCT Oil - 600mg which come in a choice of three flavours (we recommend 'Lemon' or 'Berry' for those who're unused to its distinctive (although inoffensive!) flavour).


Shake well before use. Spray directly under your tongue, and hold the oil for at least 90 seconds, until fully absorbed. We recommend starting with a total of 7 sprays per day, spread over 2-3 doses. For example, 3 sprays in the morning, 2 midday and 2 in the evening. One bottle of Full Spectrum CBD Oral Spray should last you 30 days if you’re following the recommended use.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, and BeYou Together Ltd makes no official medical claims surrounding CBD. This product is intended to be taken sublingually (absorbed underneath the tongue).


Raw Organic MCT Oil (Coconut), hemp extract, natural flavouring


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