Venerdi Paleo Grain Free Crackers

Venerdi Paleo Grain Free Crackers

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We're passionate about crafting nutrient dense superfoods that get the most out of your body!

These Paleo Grain Free Crackers have been carefully balanced to nourish the human body with a diverse range of fibre, clean proteins and Omega-3.

We're nuts about human health and have made it our promise to produce results-focused nutrient dense superfoods that taste sensational.

Enjoy naked or with your favourite toppings.

Flavour: Moroccan Spice with Tumeric & Mozuku Seaweed

Pack Size: 3 Crackers, 54g net weight (Serve size, 3 Crackers)

Handling and Storage: Store in a cool dry area. Once open, place in an airtight container.

Ingredient List: Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients: Almond*, Chestnuts* (from NZ), Chia Seeds*, Linseed*, Moroccan Spices (incl. Turmeric (0.3%), Mozuku Seaweed (1%) (from Tonga)).

*Activated Gluten Free

Contains: Tree Nuts, may contain Sesame.

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