Coconut Secret Alive Coconut Oil

Coconut Secret Alive Coconut Oil

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NEW from Coconut Secret is the first ever coconut oil to integrate the spiral helix pattern seen in all facets of nature. Activated through a clockwise counter clockwise helical spin, it is transformed into an energized, truly ALIVE state! 

Alive Coconut Oil is made from fresh coconut, and has the perfect mild flavour that compliments, yet doesn't overpower other ingredients. Whereas, expeller and cold pressed oils are made from dried coconut, and have a strong coco-nutty flavour.

Our specially designed cobalt blue glass jar helps to preserve the living structure and energy of our helix oil, and protect against damaging radiation from the sun and indoor lighting.

Delicious in smoothies, sautes and salad dressings. Amazing for hair and skincare too! 

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